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Luxury Handmade Leather Goodsmanufacturers

Marlborough World takes great pride in being one of the Luxury Leather Goods Manufacturers in England and Stainless Steel Hip Flasks which are still Handmade in our workshop studio in the heart of England. Our range of stainless steel hip flasks and luxury handmade leather goods include weekend bags, military wet packs, satchels, cartridge bags and gun slips.

Our range of luxury handmade leather goods include weekend bags, satchels to our shooting cartridge bags and gun slips. Marlborough World is also famous for being the last stainless steel volume English hip flask manufacturer. All of our hip flasks range from the traditional kidney shaped hip flask through to our hunter flask with 4 cups and they are all made to the highest quality. We offer a life time guarantee on the flasks from leaking so you can always rely on having that lovely tipple from one of our handmade hip flasks.

Marlborough World's signiture Logo MW is positioned on all of our Luxury Handmade Leather Goods and Stainless Steel Hip Flasks Made in England



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